Artful elegance photography

Meet the Owners

Portrait Photographers serving the Greater Richmond and Hampton Roads areas of Virginia. We believe that pictures are best enjoyed in physical form so we’re committed to helping families by MAKING MEMORIES TANGIBLE.

Artful Elegance Photography is owned by best friends Andrea Summers from Chesterfield Virginia,
and Elizabeth Hosier from Smithfield Virginia. Here are a few fun/ bizarre facts about us:

We’ve been friends since the 7th grade! So that’s only about 2 years right? We’re young. We’re hip. (Is that what the young people are saying these days? lol)

Andrea Lived in Northern California until she was 8. Growing up in a very eclectic place has made her love meeting people from different walks of life.

Elizabeth grew up taking pictures of everything, which included Goldberg style home videos using her cat as Godzilla on her dad’s model railroad.

We’ve both worked at photo studios. Working there we learned that 30 minutes to an hour with our customers isn’t enough time to get to know them and their unique needs. We lean towards having a more meaningful connection with the people we serve (i.e. you’re going to be sick of us by the end of this)

The way to Andrea’s heart is cheesecake and roller coasters! She’s equally excited to go to the Cheesecake Factory as she is to go to Universal Studios.

Like Andrea, cheesecake is the key to Elizabeth’s heart, but her thrills are horror films. She is terrified of heights, so she only rides roller coasters for her BFF Andrea, and husband’s sake!

We both have Autoimmune conditions. Our body’s are broken and are trying to kill themselves with fire lol. Because of that, we both have a limited amount of spoons (energy) so we only take on a small amount of projects so we can devote our energy to our customers, and have time to recuperate.

Andrea studied photography and film at Virginia Commonwealth University. This is where she, a 5’3” human, learned to walk extremely fast to make it to class on time, and keep up with the average sized humans. 

Elizabeth studied Education and Art History. Her dream job is being an art teacher which works out wonderfully as she is a homeschooling mom to 4 amazing kids. She gets to photography everything, and make everything into an art project!

We’re crafters. Elizabeth is awesome at knitting and crocheting, and we both like to try a little bit of everything. You can see some of our creations at AE Gift Shop