What is a Shoot and Burn Photographer?

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What is a Shoot and Burn Photographer?

A shoot and burn photographer is a photographer that shoots your pictures, burns them to a disk, puts them on a flash drive, or uploads them to a website for you to download. Most photographers are shoot and burn photographers. Most clients don’t know that there is a whole group of photographers, boutique photographers, that go about business in a completely different way.

So, why should you care?

It’s important to know how your photographer operates so you know if they meet the your needs. It also helps you figure out exactly what you’re spending your money on. Do you meet your photographer before shoot day? Is there an open line of communication between you and your photographer? These are a couple of questions you should seek the answers to before you book a photographer.

So what exactly does a shoot and burn photographer do? Generally a shoot and burn photographer has you book online and gets a general description of what you want done. You meet on shoot day, get your pictures taken, and then you never see them again. A few weeks later, you should get a link to view your pictures online, and that’s the end of the relationship.

This is perfectly fine. Some people want a quick and transactional experience with their photographer. This kind of relationship also helps the photographer work with a higher volume of clients. It can be beneficial to both parties.

When you get your pictures done by a shoot and burn photographer what usually happens? You look at , and love your pictures. You post them on social media, and eventually, they are out of sight out of mind. Honestly, when was the last time you looked at your old pictures? If you invest a good amount of money into pictures, you want to get every drop of enjoyment out of them as you can.

If you want to start making more use of your investment, all is not lost. The boutique photographer can help you find ways to get more bang for your buck. You can read about them in next week’s post.