8 Things to Bring on Photoshoot Day

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8 Things to Bring on Photoshoot Day

Trying to wrangle your family for picture day can be a daunting task. It’s so easy to forget something important during the hustle and bustle. Here are the 8 things you should bring with you on shoot day that will help to make things run smoothly.

A Change of Clothes

You want to have 2-3 outfits for each family member. Two outfits to take pictures in, and One outfit in case of spills or accidents. Having multiple outfits will ensure you have a variety of pictures to choose from. Make sure you choose clothes that you are comfortable in. The irritation of jeans that are too tight, or a dress with itchy material shows in your face and makes for uncomfortable looking pictures. Don’t forget your comfy shoes for in between shots or locations. For tips on exactly what to wear and not to wear, please see our what to wear guide.

Makeup Bag

If you are a makeup wearer, having your makeup bag with you can be a life saver. You’ll want to touch up between outfit changes. Make sure your bag includes a mirror and makeup wipes. If you get makeup on your clothes, or leave a kiss mark on your kids’ cheek, it can be cleaned up swiftly. Tissues, chapstick, and a small brush or comb would be a great addition to your bag for the day.


Snacks are always a good idea to have on hand. A hungry family is a cranky family. Snacks can also be used as a distraction for the little ones when they’re not on camera. When packing snacks you want to bring things that do not stain. Juices, and cheesy snacks are a big no no. You also want to bring snacks that won’t get stuck in your teeth, and don’t take too long to eat. Dried fruit, or fruit snacks are a good choice.

Diaper Bag

If you have a child who is still in diapers, this list item will be no surprise to you. Everything you normally carry will be fine. No need to add anything else to the bag.

Favorite Toy

Toys can be used as a distraction when the kids are not being photographed. They can also direct the kids’ attention towards the camera if that’s what we want. If the toy has a special meaning or has been handed down, you’ll want to have that memory captured. This brings us to…

Special Items

Adding a personal touch makes your pictures much more meaningful. If your family loves and always uses a quilt grandma made, it’d be a great addition. You may have a fur baby that has passed, and want to hold a picture of them in your photos so they’re a part of the day. Anything that is special to your family, is a good choice.

Family Activity

If you’re a family who loves to toss around a football, or play catch, bring those things with you. If your baby loves it when you blow bubbles, bring them. You are telling the story of your family through pictures and these things should definitely be included.

Location Specific Items

If you are having your pictures taken at the beach, bring a towel and the sand toys. If you’re taking pictures at a park, you can bring picnic supplies, or food for the ducks. Just think of it as another family outing and someone just happens to be there taking pictures.

We hope these tips were helpful. If you have questions about items that were not addressed here, or would like to talk about setting up a portrait session, schedule a free 15 minute discovery call with us today!

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