5 Ways to Display Your Photos

Published by Andrea on

5 Ways to Display Your Photos

When people get their portraits done and want to display them in their home what do they usually do? They get a framed print. That is a very traditional way of doing things, and to some people traditional can mean boring so…

Here are 5 other ways to display your pictures.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Canvases are pretty traditional as well, but they do pack a little more punch than a framed print. Canvases range in size from small enough to display on a coffee table, to almost life sized. This is a very versatile option.

Wood Print

Wood prints can give you a more natural look because you can see the grain through the picture. If you have a rustic or a shabby-chic style, a wood print is perfect.

Acrylic Blocks

If you’re looking for a more modern look this is the way to go. The acrylic not only protects your picture, but it makes it easy to set up on a table or bookshelf.

Photo Albums

Albums come in many sizes and styles and are a good way to get a whole collection of photos in one place. My favorite is a hardcover lay flat album. Lay flats are perfect for a wedding sign-in book or a baby album.

Image Cubes

Image Cubes are a great addition to a child’s room or your living room coffee table. Your pictures are printed on all 6 sides. This way you have a good number of pictures displayed, but they don’t take up a lot of space.

These are just a few of the ways you can get creative with your pictures. How do you like to display your family portraits?